About Us

So about us, what about us.  Us is mostly me!  I’m a work at home Mom and I support my family by working on marketing products for businesses and non-profits.  That’s the reason I’m able to charge so much less than other marketing firms because I have very little overhead and only employ myself normally. I am happy to handle every graphic design / print media and web need for many top-level companies, as well as WAHM (work at home businesses).

I have over 20 years experience in advertising and know what works to get your business out there and seen by your customers.  All of my clients receive the personal attention that gets their needs and goals translated into what they need in their websites, magazines, catalogs, posters, sales flyers, postcards or whatever else they may need.

Other Q and A’s:
Q: I own a non-profit and we won’t have the funds to pay for what we need until after we have the fundraiser.  Can you work with us?
A:  Of course!  I totally understand how non-profits work and x has to happen before y.  Let’s talk.

Q: What is a Marketing Coach?
A: Need some advice on what could help your business? Let me share my knowledge with you. I can help you to make an advertising plan that could help your business. Just need to talk some things over with someone who has years in the industry? As a homeschooling Mom, I tend to help a lot of people who are looking to bring a bit more income into their home using talents and hobbies they already enjoy.  I understand what it is like to have a small dream, and you just want to talk it over with someone.  Think you would be interested in something like that?  Let’s chat.

Q: I’m just getting started out and can’t afford a website. But I feel like I need one. Help?
A: Depending on what you are doing….you probably DO need one. Websites can be affordable. Payment plans are available. Let me work with you!


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