October is on it’s way!


Everyone here is looking forward to October which is quickly approaching!  Our skeletons have really became rather popular in our community, and were even featured in a local magazine last year!  The skeletons return every October 1st and remain throughout October.  Everyday, they are doing something new!

Some of the things they have done in the past include:

  • Rolling our yard (little monsters)
  • Watching TV
  • Wishing our neighbor a Happy Birthday (much to her embarrassment)
  • They went on vacation (we put them in the neighbor’s yard)
  • Running over one another with a lawn mower (opps!)
  • Riding a dirt bike (thank God for helmets)
  • and more, please see our past galleries for complete images (2011 and 2010)

We are so thankful to their fans and have received many requests in the past.

This year, we’re asking for your input.  What would you like to see the skeletons doing?

On the Road, with the Chalk Bus


We have enjoyed the “Rusty Westy” which is a 1975 VW Westfalia.  We refer to her as the “Chalk Bus” because we painted her with chalk paint shortly after we got her.

It’s a Fourth of July tradition to go to St. Augustine, Florida and watch the fireworks.  The city does an amazing job!  This year, we took the Chalk Bus and camped at the fabulous Anastasia Island at St. Augustine Beach.

Our campground

We also drove and camped near the Kennedy Space Center.

At the Kennedy Space Center

Anyway, getting back to this fireworks display that they have in St. Augustine on the 4th of July….it was amazing!  We parked in the city’s parking deck.  When you drive a car that you can draw on, it sometimes raises questions.  We allowed the parking deck employees to draw on the bus and in reward, they gave us prime parking!  Thank you so much to everyone that makes that fireworks display happen.  It’s an amazing time, and worth the drive!

The fireworks display in St. Augustine, Florida 2012

And when we returned to our bus, this is what we found.

After we returned from the fireworks. Nice job St. Augustine!

Cub Scout Pack Parent Handbook

Cub Scout Parent Handbook

I designed this for a pack my son was in last year and decided to make it available to everyone this year.

A lot of packs really take for granted that new scout parents sometimes feel like they have been tossed into the deep end of the ocean those first few months.  Most won’t go ask for help if they don’t already know the leaders or someone in the organization.  This helped to eliminate a lot of problems that first time parents had.  Even second time parents.

Download the Parent Handbook here.

Cub Scout Cheer Box


We love scouting!  I’ve been a den leader for nearly 3 years and I know how hard it is to sometimes find stuff to keep the boys busy (and out of trouble).  Enter the Cheer Box!

What is a Cheer Box?
It is a box filled with silly, short things for the boys to do written on little sheets of paper.  Use this ideally at a pack meeting, or camp, or whenever you have those short periods of time getting one den ready to do a skit or a presentation or whatever.  Have someone hold the box and have a scout pull a slip of paper to see which Cheer everyone needs to do.  The entire audience is expected to do the cheers, and it’s a great way to keep the boys’ attention.

Cheers include, “Pretend you are Indiana Jones and crack the whip” and “Show everyone your best fish face…..look-out, there is a shark!”

How do I make it?
In the old days, you would just get yourself a box of Cheer laundry soap to make this.  But alias, I don’t use Cheer laundry soap, but I have Photoshop.  :)

If you have a small den, this would make a great den project that could be given back to the pack.  Have the boys make up their own cheers, and put them in the box.  The sillier, the better!

Materials needed:

  • a small box – I used a fruit rope box from Costco
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • blue paper
  • cheer box logo (available here)
  • Cheers! download them off the internet, or create your own!
    I found mine here.

2011 Daily Bones Pictures

We had such a response to our skeletons the year before, that we totally had to do it again in 2011!  Here are the photos!

2010 Daily Bones Archive

Halloween is a big deal with our family.  To celebrate, we started putting two skeletons in our front yard in 2009.  We change them daily to see how creative we could be.   Could we come up with something for them to do everyday?  Not a problem!  In case you missed it in 2009, here’s the entire collection.  Enjoy!

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